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After being eliminated from the top 12 of a popular reality television show, one young aussie singer was looking at ways he could exploit his time in the limelight to grow his personal brand. Unhappy with the “make a sex tape” advice that some growth hackers had given him, we decided to lend a hand and give him some feedback on his social media strategy

I got kicked off The Voice, now what?

Had a young fellow posting in the Growth Hackers Australia Facebook Group a few times, who appeared to be a former contestant on The Voice (Australia). While he was on the show, it looked a bit like was looking for growth hackers to advise him on how to get more votes while on the show, but after he was voted off, his attention turned more towards leveraging his personal brand and the value that the show’s exposure had given him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t getting a lot of bites, and the best advice he’d received was to “make a sex tape”, which didn’t go down well – though if we’re honest, it’s actually a pretty solid strategy (if executed properly).

You Become Less Relevant Every Minute

The most obvious thing to consider about reality television stardom is that it’s incredibly short-lived. Even on shows that involve performances, if you don’t make it into the top 3, there’s a good chance that people won’t remember who you are in a very short period of time. On the other hand, entire careers have been built by people that never made it out of the audition stage.

The key here is to act quickly, and to take full advantage of your notoriety while you can, while still staying within any contractual boundaries you may have with the reality show you were eliminated from. The most obvious way to do that is to build a strong social media following. So let’s look at his.


  • You keep making posts on your personal Facebook page, but don’t actually have a facebook fan page linked from your FB profile that people can like
  • Should be posting daily public videos to your facebook page and personal profile. Just you singin ditties as you putter around the house or walk to the store
  • Videos of you going about your daily post-Voice life. Maybe it’s hectic interviews, backstage in a green room. Maybe it’s you sitting at home twiddling your thumbs because the show is over for you. I have no idea, because you haven’t posted anything I can see
  • Do some Facebook Live videos, bring fans in on the action
  • Lots of ‘ignored’ fans who aren’t getting comments replied to. Do you know how special it is to them when you reply to their individual comments?


  • Only 2 posts to instagram in the last week
  • 0 stories to Instagram in the last 24 hours
  • Your profile has a Facebook link that doesn’t work
  • Multiple posts where you’re not replying to fans comments. Again, this is a super easy way to build loyalty
  • You should have 2-3 posts a day, 1 must be a video. Something where you sing at least every second day (your whole thing is singing though, so maybe more)
  • Don’t worry too much about production quality, be more concerned about content your obsessive fans can sink their teeth into. Buy a selfie stick and use your phone’s camera/mic. Lighting is probably the main thing to worry about, but even that is not as important as producing content.
  • Stories are great for just recording the activities in your average day. Maybe it’s making breakfast/lunch, getting a haircut, etc.
  • Longer descriptions that encourage people to click “read more”, more hashtags
  • Reply to DMs and reply to every single comment
  • Record a video singing about your new followers (check notifications) and post it. (“Hey Jane, I really like love that photo of your dog, and hey Jim, good luck with your blog!”), make sure you tag those people when you post it
  • Track down people posting about you and the show (eg hashtags). Don’t these shows vote using hashtags now? Comment/like their posts.
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  • 1 story posted to Snap in the last 24 hours, and it’s not of you singing
  • Should be flooding this platform with content right now because it’s right in your target demo
  • Consider picking a theme (recommended: slightly nerdy or retro) and doing a daily cover. Like, 80s movies love ballads, or Disney theme songs, or.. something. You can do them in 15 seconds, or (now that you can just hold to keep recording linked snaps), you can make them longer.
  • Save the videos you snap, repost to Instagram stories. Also prepare them into a package that you can send to someone like buzzfeed/mashable down the track. “Ex-Voice Australia contest is doing Disney covers on Snapchat and IT IS AMAZING”
  • Do little mini rants but about things that COMPLETELY DON’T MATTER. “You know what I hate guys? Baby carrots. I mean, either be a carrot or don’t.” (or whatever, something to your personality). Like using my example, consider the situation where you go viral because you go on this ‘mad’ rant about hating baby carrots. Next thing you know, McCains is knocking on your door asking you to do a little song about their new frozen baby carrots, and how you’ve been converted.
  • Send followers personalised little snaps. “Hey Julie, hope you’re having an amaaaaaaazing day” (sing them, right?)


  • You should be engaging in conversations with every damn person who’s tweeting about the show.
  • Mostly it just seems you’re talking to yourself and other contestants.
  • There’s a bunch of instances where fans are tweeting to you and you haven’t replied. WHY?

  • crickets chirping
  • As I understand it, this is an important platform for music, with a huge audience in your target demo.
  • You don’t have a profile here. This tells me you’re probably not serious about this whole music thing.

Also, investigate other options around YouTube and SoundCloud. I don’t watch reality TV, so I don’t know anything about you, but if you write your own songs, try doing a silly little song every day on SC/YT and see if people like it. If they do, refine it into a hit. These days it’s all about constantly creating rather than trying to get the perfect 12 songs for an album.

The Response

Our contestant was initially super-pleased with the feedback we gave him – “much better than telling me to make a sex tape”, he said. Once we clarified that we agreed that a sex tape is a valuable tool as a personal branding and attention-building strategy, he told us our advice was generic, and stuff he already knew. Yep.

The Aftermath

Several months after our initial social media teardown, the former reality contestant is still pretty much doing the same things. Irregularly posting, ignoring fans comments, hardly any singing in his social media posts, less combined followers than my dog, and still trying to trade off of his past successes.

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