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Here’s what you get with your teardown:

  • A complete audit of your website and social media accounts
  • Specific suggestions to optimise conversion and increase engagement
  • Clear, actionable advice to improve your digital presence
  • Marketing recommendations to grow your business


How does this work?
Once you make your payment, we get a notification telling us that someone wants a teardown. We then bust out our sledgehammers and go through your website and social media with a fine-tooth comb.

What will my teardown look like?
The best examples we can give are the ones that are already on our site. You should expect roughly the same level of detail as what you see here.

How Private is this?
For those that pay for a private teardown, your teardown will never be featured on our site. When your teardown is complete, a private link will be sent to you, for your eyes only, unless you share it.

How long does it take to get my teardown?
It depends on how many we have in the queue, but typically we turn these around in under 7 days.

What if I disagree with you?
That’s fine. The advice and feedback we give is based on our experience, and you are more than entitled to disagree with us. We honestly don’t care. It’s up to you whether you make all of the changes we recommend.

Do you offer more detailed advice?
We sure do! We also offer one-on-one sessions and video walk-throughs. If you’d like one of these, please contact us directly and we’ll make the arrangements.

Other People Love Us

Amazing feedback!! Getting feedback is critical to the success of any business and this was some of the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you!

THANK YOU! I totally agree with everything you said. I’m going to implement your suggestions ASAP!!!

Nightmare Soup

Damn man, seriously thank you for that incredibly detailed breakdown

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